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Founders, Rev. Paul and Florence Steffens represent generations of a caring and compassionate family that have dedicated their lives to serving God and others. The family has been involved in caring for the needy for over 150 years and is now in its 8th generation of upholding this fine tradition.

In 1962 the Founders established Christian Fellowship House to provide tender loving care and spiritual encouragement to seniors. Christian Fellowship House is a family operated, non-denominational facility. This is a family that you can trust with your loved ones, primarily because of God's grace and mercy.

In April of 2009, Rev. Paul & Florence Steffens' daughter, Pamela Horvath was appointed as the new administrator. Pam worked side by side with her father until he passed away in 2012.
About Us:
Christian Fellowship House
NYS Licensed
Adult Home
369 Split Rock Rd.
Syosset, NY
(516) 922-6040
Steve & Pam Horvath are continuing the ministry of caring for seniors along with their family. Sharon, Michelle & Mike Pugliese.